Alumni Spotlight: Recording Artist Sada K.

“Faith Academy made a great impact on my life. We were taught to be confident and empowered to learn beyond a typical curriculum. I remember reciting the beautiful poetry of Maya Angelou, doing book reports on singers like Lena Horne and Leontyne Price. We were encouraged to be leaders, appreciate the history of those who came before us and know our worth and that has stayed with me to this day.”

“My greatest memories at Faith Academy were with my mother, Ileana Watson. Better known as Mrs. Spearman back then. I was there the very first year the school expanded to elementary school and stayed until 8th grade. I watched my mother dedicate her entire life to the school and pouring into the students and parents lives each and every day. I spent most of my childhood running the hallways year round, helping teachers, babysitting, you name it, I’m sure I did it! I saw what hard work looked like, what serving looked like and what true professionalism and class looked like from watching my mom. Most kids don’t get to see their parents at work everyday, but I was blessed enough to witness the hard work & dedication of my mother first hand. My mom always had a smile and never complained, her legacy is known from every student & parent that felt her love and witnessed her grace and class. I will cherish those memories and carry that with me forever.”



Sada K. graduated from the 8th grade in 1997. Read her bio and learn more about her music here: 

Artist Website:
Music Group:
Facebook: @SadaKMusic
Instagram: @SadaKMusic
Twitter: @SadaKMusic

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