Pastor Steve Houpe’s desire is that children come to Christ at an early age, to the life of faith and power. He believes in ministering to the whole child – spirit, soul and body. His vision is to see children educated in a Christian environment with a strong academic excellence emphasis. After much prayer and instruction from the Lord, Pastor Houpe was led to start Harvest Christian Schools (HCS) in 1990;  where Dr. Donna Houpe is the Educational Administrator.

Harvest Christian School educates students from as young as 6 weeks old. Children receive excellent instruction combined with the Word of God. The educational emphasis is placed on the Abeka and Bob Jones Curriculum, which prepares the students for future leadership. Harvest Christian School is irrevocably committed to “Training up Leaders who will Impact Generations!”

Harvest Christian School is a Christ-Centered School whose emphasis is to evangelize children into a relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are returning Jesus Christ back to the classrooms. We are dedicated academically to providing an excellent and superior education that will impact their future.

We believe that children should develop their God-given abilities and talents. Our teachers have the responsibility to provide opportunities for this development to occur. We believe children should grow in an environment that will cultivate a love for the Lord Jesus Christ, positive self images, and a love for one another. We believe children learn best from active participation in their environment. They learn from interacting with other children. We strive to thoughtfully plan activities and experiences that meet the developmental needs of the children and promote growth in all areas.

Harvest Christian School is an equal opportunity institution and does not discriminate against employees or students on the basis of sex, race, color, age, or national origin.

Our Goals

Harvest Christian School’s goal is to minister to the whole child: spiritually, academically, physically, emotionally, and socially.


Leading children into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, providing daily Bible study, and emphasizing practical Christian living by providing a strong spiritual framework.


Provide an excellent and comprehensive Christian education.


Monitor and seek to understand the physical needs of the child and work with the parent to help the child mature to be a healthy, strong, and vital individual.


Dedicated teachers, who are interested in the needs of their students, help children grow with a sense of security and self-worth; to mature and meet the challenges of learning and living.


Teach students to relate to their peers, parents and teachers while encouraging Christian ethics and social growth.

Harvest Christian School’s Keys to Success:

  • Dedicated & Prayerful Teachers
  • Accelerated Curriculum
  • Traditional Education
  • Christian Training
  • Discipline in School
  • Hard Work
  • Moral Values and Principles